Wednesday, May 31, 2006

half the fun of sex is when you talk about it...
~cameron diaz - in her shoes~

hmm... maybe she's right however this topic always comes out as a very touchy topic amongst the asian community

and i wonder why? i mean look at the girls in sex in the city
to them sex is like a normal everyday topic that isn't that big a deal
maybe it's the fact that there are no parents to the women in the show that have to give them the most uncomfortable bees and the birds talk
when i say that it is the most uncomfortable talk in the world i mean it.. seriously!
my mum gave me that talk when i was 15 and i swear that i got nightmares from it
i'm going to get a nightmare tonight reminiscing about it

even so if i told her how people today talk about sex on tv she would just reply.. ang moh what~ not same one la!!
what? you shock me when i was 15 and you tell me now ang moh not the same!!
sigh* i swear the birds and the bees talk came from the ang mohs mum....

so i boil it down to our asian conventional upbringing that could cause us to be uptight about this topic..
not uptight in the sense that you don't want it... but uptight in the sense that if you have an std or get shotgun pregnant = doom doom doom
so always bloody use a fucking condom guys! it's easy cheap and hassle free

definitely easier talking about the weather today than talking about sex. but hey
whatever you think, you got to admit that sex however does have an INCREDIBLE appeal! that is why the qoute > sex sells

come on.. if you stupidly disagree and go ~lyn no!! sex doesnt't sell
i'll fucking shoot you! why the fuck is the porn industry so HUGE then? and why do you go and buy FHM every month you stupid!

please la.. if it wasn't because jean grey and wolverine got in on during the new x-men 3 movie do you think that many people would go and see it
it has a stupid plot that differs so much from the original comics (the phoenix trilogy ones ~sigh* i'm such a geek!) i swear lovers of the comic would prefer to bycott the movie would it not for the nasty scratch marks jean gave wolvie >ouch that has gotta be a super snm move hehe...

so back to the topic, sex does make an interesting subject, and you can't deny it. except when STDs are involved then it's really why is it such a hard thing to talk about?

lyn it's an intimate act between 2 people.. bla bla bla!! yea i know that it is! come on who thinks that i don't know that? but hell it's not like no one ever wants to talk about it! i swear my guy friends lurve making sex jokes... and naive little me is always left being the clueless embarressed one... you damn well know who you guys are!!

and puh-lease if it is really such an intimate sex joke why on earth do people always talk about mena-je-tua (not sure if that is the correct spelling for it.. forgive my french) and how much they'd like to have one..
seriously weirdos don't ask a girl for it unless she's (a) really drunk or (b) really horny and wants it
it's the same as asking for anal in my opinion.. but sometimes my opinion just doesn't really count

so conclusion.. sex is definitely acceptable when it is in the form of a joke or a light airy talk when someone is in the appetite for it..telling someone the exact details of what you did last night is just too much to handle and too much personal information to leak out...

=] lyn

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hey guys

these are the pictures from the UC ball i decided to repost them again using this program i stumbled across...
there's only one problem with it.. if you have loads of pics you gotta load it one by one and it's a bit of a pain
so for those who want copies of pictures.. here they are!

(if you can't see them you need macromedia flashplayer... and if you don't have it go get it!! it's free anyway...)

anyway exams are in 2 weeks for me so i can't really construct this blog any further at the moment.. so just keep watching this space.. i promise that there will be more updates!
at least i've put up a message board

p.s. : if you guys are wondering why i changed to this blog.. well coz it drives me learn how to create blog templates and stuff... but i've not got any spare time for it now tho... sighz*

Friday, May 26, 2006

new bloggie still in the process