Thursday, August 30, 2007


all i wanted was for MotoRzrV3 to get a brother/ sister.. and the poor thing got both..

the miscommunication:

i told MrYap i needed a phone.. ok i'll ask Bear to bring it over for you

and he kindly, very generously bought me the black one..

rare occasion.. i've not asked my parents for a phone for the past 4-5 years now..

he bought me one that i liked.. thank you!!

i've been hinting to Bear since last years birthday i needed a phone.. and he FINALLY got the hint.. and he bought me the pink one..

coz it was the one that i told him i liked since last years birthday..

the other option i wanted was the MotoRzr2V8
which is not out in KL yet..

that even MrYap couldn't obtain for me..

so now.. which one do i use??
i like both!! haha.. so greedy..


the week has been
relatively the same..

i suppose because i've fallen in a routine i don't feel like blogging..

the only thing that happened: Bear came back on monday..

hugs and cuddles to go around for everyone in melbourne now..

wait.. he doesn't do that.

he scared Chew, ganged up with SlutMonkeyIan in burning me..

sulks and pouts when he's stressed..

he's a mean Bear. but cuddly on the inside.. right??

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