Sunday, September 10, 2006

UC DAY 2006

this year as usual lotsa drunkard events..
thanks to katie for all the effort that she put into it. all in all it was a fantastic day.. good job hun!
like last year we had the works! the bouncing castle, the spas and jelly wrestling, the yummy bbq lunch and of course the ceturian (1 hundred shots of beer continuously for 100 minutes) after that... that was when everyone got wasted

and i didn't really drink! ok a beer for breakfast is not really one's choice for a wake up call but i can't help it! i woke up to black eye peas : pump it blasted from the rose garden outside my window.. that plus bright sunshine, really good way to start my day!
if anyone realizes why i look so dead that's because of the sing-k the previous night.. forgive my party habits.. i don't get much sleep as it is..
i even went to beach that night, "thanks so much james" *sacarstic here* for making me go at the very last minute.. although i was dead tired and dead set at NOT going.. =p

and here's a slideshow:

but still i miss last year's uc day.. i miss all the people that were here last year!! anyone remember my vodka watermelon? haha..o well.. this will be my last UC day anyway

luv =) lyn


Anonymous said...

Oh my god do you know that you're damn ugly? And don't go around flirting with people's bf!


Hi lyn looking great

anonymous: don't go around accusing people of things its not nice :(

lyn said...

evie.... thanks heaps love

Jes said...

first of all she ain't ugly..and if u wanna say something confront the person...have some guts!!...