Tuesday, August 15, 2006


we had the 2nd turn of the turn the other day i haven't posted up any of the pics until NOW! haha.. so sorry guys.. at least they're here now
i don't have that many pics.. sorry!! that's coz i was kinda late for the event.. was having dinner with some friends that night..

the theme being GLAM ROCK NIGHT
and with that sort of theme what else can you think of? tight leotards, big hair and BAD ASS fashion.. haha anyway just take a look at what some of us got up to...

all in all it was a good night.. we did continue drinking is skan's room but for some reason i dun have pics of that.. if i do get any i'll post them..

to jj : you going back to manchester already.. darn.. try your best to go back in dec alright? i'll miss you if you don't

luv lyn =)

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jj said...

hello hello... yups i'm back in manchester already. jetlagged like hell and cannot be bothered to study. yes i am gonna screw up the exams. haha... and i think i'll most prob be back in december cos christmas for my friends here is a private affair and most of the m'sians are flying home. confirmations later! wish me luck for these MF-ing exams!