Friday, September 08, 2006

sing-k @ k-box, 8-09-06

this was last night.. but first it was dinner with ian's dad @ number8
thanks uncle for the dinner!! hehe.. it was really nice of him to bring me, keith and angeline there.. erm.. i'll keep mum about things now sir!

haha first time in melbourne!! second time in my whole entire life, believe it or not! i went to karaoke with some friends.. scary!!
went into room > lyn!! drink!! erm.. huh?? not sing?? drink?? haha.. o well..

i think the onion rings had something really funky in it.. everyone seemed to get high after eating them..

introducing Melbourne's SAM KO FA! YEA!!
i seriously had nightmares about them... i think i need a to see a psychiatrist now..

*notice in the background.. there is a very stonned person...

but it wasn't just all drinking.. we had some very talented singers too!!
iggy and david!

this speaks for itself.. no comment*

haha it was fun though!
thanks vince for the invite!

luv =) lyn

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