Sunday, October 22, 2006

haze... who's fault is it?

you know what's funny? the haze in malaysia and singapore, that's funny but not in a light kind of view but rather the irony of things.

putting all the blame on indonesians coz of the forest fires ain't going to solve anything. think about this, i'm in australia and they're having one of the worst bush fires in the past 10 years. yet there is no heavy haze polluting the air, it is a bit hotter than usual but there is still rain to cool things down.

but in kl and singapore, i have to say that the humidity does not help things much, but the level of pollution is definitely a lot more than in melbourne. i'm only feeling a slight flu because of the extreme hot and cold between the days and nights.
so i have to say that i don't think that the indons are fully responsible for the bad air conditions that msia and sing are facing. i think everyone has to realize the amount of pollution we are causing and find a way to solve things rather than just point fingers everywhere.

that's just my thought of national news for the day then...

luv =) lyn

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