Wednesday, September 27, 2006

events @ UC

well as you guys can see that i haven't put anything up recently... sorry to those who are expecting news from me.. =P
been a bit busy with assignments, it's that time of year again folks. my head is in my books and i've got one foot partially stuck in geekdom.

for those who have read the comments on the previous blog.. don't worry about it.. i'm fine, it's not really effecting me. thanks evelyn for the emotional support tho!

anyways there's nothing much going on lately, but i did take the international students out one last time as the international rep to Izakaya Chuji. nice place for dinner. looks like everyone enjoyed the food, which is always a good thing for me...

and the other thing was christmas dinner in August.. long explanation short, winter is in june here in Aussieland = christmas in june.. but we're a bit behind so it's in august. get it?
i tried dressing up as a christmas tree.. note star on cap and earings, but no green cloting tho, sorry to dissapoint but i'm a red tree =P so deal with it...
haha estelle was a reindeer!! a green reindeer, ahaha.. now i should have dressed up as santa..

as always!
luv =)lyn

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