Tuesday, November 07, 2006

how sexy are you?

i was bored.... and was having a talk with kim-bear about sexiness.. so i decided to take a quiz...
and the results..

You might think your sex appeal peaks and dips depending on your mood - in fact, you're pretty irresistible any day. It's the fact that you're so uncontrived that makes men notice you. Some nights you might glam yourself up, other times you go as you are. Oddly enough, it's the times when you don't make an effort that you're at your most alluring. Men treat you as an equal and know they can have a laugh with you - then, just as they've got you labelled as a mate, they realise they're falling hook, line and sinker.

Boost your sex appeal by: enhancing your good points. Using your excellent flirting skills - you're playful and teasing rather than off-putting. Just be yourself.

~hahaha~ try it for yourself.. and tell me the results..
i provide good procrasination material..

luv =)lyn

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