Monday, November 20, 2006

since it's such a huge party and things are going to be rocking.. i'm giving out 1 FREE ( yes you heard me! FREE!!) ticket to whoever can tell me give me the answer to this :

"where the hell has all the prince charmings gone?"
(this is not a joke! just comment by tomorrow night 12am the lastest and the best answer gets a ticket.. easy right?)
i'd like to give out more tickets but that would = me broke.. so sorry guys!

those who wanna get tickets from me... they're 20 each.. so just drop me a line 0414154045
i really need to get rid of them so please help me!!

anyway the latest news is this.. my loyal faithful for the past 4 years my toshiba satelite pro has officially died on me again. and this time there is no reviving him till i send him to the service centre.. so i will be having problems posting pics and stuff till he is repaired..

for those who want to pics from BLVD yesterday sowees!! i'll get them up soon... =)

luv =) lyn

you know you say things that make me melt
that give me butterflies in my stomach
and you make me happy without realizing what you do
just the little simple things
like waking up at 5am to get me krispy kremes so i can have them for breakfast
cooking me dinner nearly all the time
taking care of me when i was sick
playing my favourite song on your laptop
and just being you
so why are things so difficult lately?
i know good things don't come easy
i know the answers to things
i know i'm difficult
i'm sorry k?
and i don't want to give up
even though i said i did... i really don't...

1 comment:

jj said...

answer: to manchester, england. LOL.