Sunday, October 15, 2006

hmm.. jj's started complaining that he hasn't heard anything concerning the life of lyn. well the life of lyn has been pretty quiet and down played for a while now, due to the ridiculous notion of exams that exists to burden every student's emotional and physical (note: eyebags and stress) state. but even so, i still go out some fridays to loosen this burden and live a little.

so here are pictures from william's birthday (one month late...)
and yes i was super pissed drunk that night. not that super fantastic chucking my guts out.. but i did have a super fantastic time anyway.. i think... hahaha =P
thanks to the people that bought me drinks (esp: mark) i remember getting loads of beer from you which does explain the chucking up

o and this is last week at beach. yups a lil tipsy that nite too i think i had a bit too many sambuca shots. what to do? my black sambucan bro was there with me =)

well that's all for now! i'm heading back to the books coz i went out tonight to sean's house warming.. stupid me forgot to bring my camera

to sean: thanks for the invite to your place!! it's a really awesome place by the way! hope you don't get too lonely living alone. luckily darren , ck and leon are just around the corner

luv =) lyn!

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