Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hmm.. my novel

critiques? please don't be too harsh ok?? please? i have feelings... keep in mind that it' is my first major piece of work the whole year and i'm giving you the opening...

I am a creature of the night. Most people are usually scared of the night because of the darkness it brings, they shun it. Turn away from it because they fear it. They fear what they do not know, something they could never possibly understand or much less comprehend. They fear what might lie there in the dark alleyways ready to pounce on them unsuspectingly and drag them into the deepest darkest abyss of the night. For the darkness evelops you, swallows you whole and nullifies you through fear. It is a primordial type of fear, unexplainable and possibly as old as time. It follows you wherever you go, and there is no escape from it.

I on the other hand as i've said before am a creature of the night. I revel in the darkness. Unlike others, i do not fear it, but rather i live it, breath it, I am one with it. It is as much a part of me as I am of it. Like two symbiotic living entities depending on each other, supporting each other in order to exist. It wasn't as if I chose to live in the darkness, rather it was darkness that chose me.

- sounds interesting? want to know what i'm writing about??
comments.. comments.. PLEASE!!

don't ask me to fall
and don't intend to catch me...
don't chase me
unless you're ready to catch me...
just don't..
coz you know you'd end up hurting me


o0o0o my birthday this friday @ beach
i have a table to que at vip line alright?
and to the people who are already so geared up in getting me drunk.. you drink one i drink one.. even if that means i'm drinking with someone else you're drinking too!!
i don't wanna do a vincent.. neither do i wanna be the only one drunk!

luv =) lyn


jj said...

can i proof read, spell/grammar check your work? it's FOC!! lol...

lyn said...

haha erm... you mean you wanna read more or is there like heaps of mistakes in what i posted up?