Sunday, November 05, 2006

there has to be more than this...

today i heard that an old school mate of mine passed. my deepest condolences to his family and all i can hope is that he is in a better place.
and it's gotten me thinking, he was only 20 and he hasn't even fully experienced everything that life has to offer, how sad is that?
i mean it wasn't as if it was an unexpected thing that happened, but all the same there has to be more to life than this. anything unexpected could happen any moment. you could fall in love, you could have a moment of emancipation, you could even have a life changing experince.
and i want to live to experience them all. and all i can do is hope that i do.

but also at the same time i wonder if i did die today, would anyone remember me?
and if they did what would i be remembered as?
a good daughter? a good sister? a good friend?
i really hope someone remembers me for something!
that i've touched some people's lives and the bonds that i've formed meant something to them because to me, friend's and family are right up there in the list of important things in this world. and if i were gone, would they think back and miss me?

i can only do my best to be the best person i can be and do the right thing. it's hard but life is hard. but at any time right now i think i would chose life over the other options laid across the table coz if you were alive at least you can do something, change lives, create some miracle.

ahh the philosophical all time question:
why am i put on this planet...
if someone has already found out tell me

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