Monday, August 28, 2006

Dazza's first k-bbq

i asked my bro dazza out for dinner the last night coz i haven't seen him for AGES! when i say ages it's close to 6 months since i've seen him.. so that's pretty sad considering that he lives a 15 min walk from me...
i wanted to take him to lebanese house, sadly i didn't realize that they'd be close on sunday, so instead, i took him to Seoul house for his first taste in korean bbq.

ordered bulgogi and ox tongue..

nice korean waiter cooking for us...

dazza seems happy.. although the initial apprehension about eatin ox-tongue really seemed to put him off a bit..

later.. fried ice-cream and mango pudding at red silk.. i love mango pudding.. hehe

anyway i did have a fun night.. and i hope you did too dazza!! although my clothes now smell a bit of smoky beef..

luv =) lyn

p.s: sorry folks there are no pics of the opening of beach because a really smart gal didn't load the memory card into her camera.. haha.. bah i can be so absent-minded, anyway this week it's going to be a double trouble thing as it's david (eng huat's) 21st bday celeb and my brotha rub's bday celeb on friday night there.. so guestlist *LYN* or call for frees earlier as always.. and i hope to see you there!



MISHY u guys over there :) i promised Rubs dat i shall join u guys when i get bk to melb in oct for my grad hahaha :) ^^
p.s i heard JJJIAN burst an eye vessel from too much drinking *sighs*
URGH dying here.. BTW im in KL
friggin lovin the food but im a bit lost hahaha

jj said...

hellooo... how's my fun-loving girl? haha... hope to see you online sometime. keep on blogging yea? miss youuuu....


ps: i've been updating too so go check it out! =)