Sunday, October 29, 2006

white in shinning amour?? bah!! i tell you bah!!

you know all that stuff that fairy tales and hopeful dreams put in our heads about being a lil princess stuck up in a tower waiting for their knight in shining amour to come save the day?

you know damn well what i'm talking about. of happy endings as sweet as fairy floss and imaginations filled with rainbows and unicorns.
well i think it's all full of nonsense. all that is meant to seriously screw us up. you know why? prince charming doesn't exist and chivalry is dead. a thing of the past that shouldn't have gotten extinct but still managed to die somewhere along the way. don't ask me, ask the male species where it went.

there are surprisingly a lot of weak females out there, i mean with all the girl power mantras and feminism movements these days, it is a bit surprising that anyone is still waiting around for prince charming. well truth be told me being me i won't exactly wait around for that prince charming. i'll stand up get a whole load of old bruce lee movies learn some kung fu to kick that dragon's arse make some kung pow dragon outta it and then make my way down that tower somehow.. all the while wearing a pair of sexy jimmy choos... ;)

when my prince charming does come along i'll look him in the eye and say.. what the hell took you so long?
oh and along the way i might even save his arse instead.

yet after all that deep down inside i would still want my prince charming, and honestly i think all girls do! i don't need someone to come rescue me and save the day, but it wouldn't hurt to have just have someone there wouldn't it? and he doesn't exactly even have to be prince charming anymore, that itself is a very unrealistic expectation these days. look at shrek's example!

haha the randomness i am currently having.. forgive the exams stress blabber if i have bored you*

luv =) lyn

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christina said...

how true