Wednesday, November 22, 2006

limited edition ferrari top... up for grabs..

you guys are really trying to be funny aren't you?
or rather i should have been more specific about the free ticket.. the event was in melbourne so unless you are in melbourne there is no way that i could have given you the free
well too bad no one won the damn thing coz the only 2 replied were overseas.. one in manchester and the other in singapore..
(to the singaporean: kai ah.. you know that i did mention comments not sms! haha)

hopefully when there are other upcoming events in melbourne i would give out more freebies the next time then... and when that happens all i can hope for is a better response god damn it...
just shows how few ppl read my blog... don't blame you it's full of nonsense anyway... sigh*

anyway.. today's BIG news...
i've been cleaning out my wardrobe lately coz i'll be moving outta my current dorm into my new apartment and well i found some items of clothing that i would like to get rid of...

and one of it is a collecter's item given to me by my ex.. it's a limited edition ferrari pit-girl top.. i'd like to post pictures of it but sadly i can't atm.. so you have to trust me when i say that it is in brand new condition and i haven't worn it (due the the fact that i'm a true-blue mclaren fan)
it's size 2 as in american size 2 which i close to and aussie size 4-6 (which i don't fit in and it's still kinda baggy... - shows how much my ex knows about me..) and well it's red and silver in colour..
it even comes with a little ferrari pin (the little horse)

so for those die hard fans who absolutely love ferrari, this is a good gift for your girlfriend or you just want to collect a limited edition item and for the girls who love ferrari it's a good gift to yourself since christmas is coming anyway
i'm starting the bid at AUD 20 if you're interested ( which i think is pretty resonable for something of limited quantity..) and shipping within aus is free.. overseas well you just have to pay for the insurance if you like to make sure you get it..
payment is by cash if you know me or through my aus bank account..

so fellas out there.. if you really are a die-hard ferrari fan this is a good chance to pick up a limited edition item...

luv =) lyn

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Curio said...

wow...reading ur blog reminded me of QBH..its been a year since i left melbourne...i miss it. well lyn, hope u meet ur prince charming & party on while ur young!