Saturday, April 28, 2007

BLACK & WHITE @ i.n.c.

the night started out so-s0.. couldn't sell as many tickets as i would have liked since no one really wanted to go to this event..

last minute TessaBabe needed a bottle-girl..
so ended up working for 2 hours which a few people found funny
weird thing is so many guys tried picking me up and buying me drinks
so i have to say for those who are single and available this could be a potential job to meet guys

anyway pictures:

that is AlkyIcky's finger and DavidBoss's peace sign..
they love ruining pictures as you can see..

joy.. one of the bottle girls i was working with..
bottle girls for the night
can consider them my sifu in the bottle-girl job.. lolz..
joy n chloe
rick.. thanks for buying me drinks even though i wanted to pay you kept arguing with me!!
stop it!! let me pay!!!

although it might seem like i am partying WAA-AAY too much for my own good
1) it's my job
2) i do study when i'm not working during the day time..
so there!!
off to supper now.. ta!
just came back from a 3 hour supper with TessaBabe
spending time with her talking is not only pretty relaxing it also makes me think
about what i really want and to just stop running from my problems and try to solve them

so this is my conclusion to things:

to my bear.
stop saying that you want to be with me if you're not going to be there to catch me at the end of the day
stop saying that you love me if you're not going to give me all your love
i don't want to be the second choice that you have and that you just fall back on for convenience's sake
you can't erase the hurt that you've caused so i just need time to heal. and i honestly haven't forgiven you
and when i think about it i still feel hurt
so please stop with all the promises if you can't fulfil any of them.
don't raise my hopes up just so you can crush them
just please know that i've been hurt enough before you go any further.

heart* lyn

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