Wednesday, May 02, 2007


well sorry for the lack of updates people.
at least i've put up a new look on the blog so i hope you guys like the new look.
anyway a lot of things have been happening and lil me has been really really busy

there have been a few people visiting for KL.
KinkyCharles and his bro as well as SeanK
so i've been spending a lot of time out

and also the uni work load has been accumalating. which is not a good thing for me

even MissT's phone calls has been getting less frequent i think.. sorry babe!
see you friday tho

and well there are also the mad crazy amount of birthdays in the next 3 weeks. 6 in total!
geezuz i'm broke!
mummy if you're reading this, $$ please?

there'll be a proper update soon
so please don't hate me! if you hate me then you'd stop reading my blog =..(
hate uni for the horrible workload and the fact that exams are coming up
~stresses much!!~

*heart* lyn

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