Monday, April 02, 2007

i worte this poem for my mid-semester assignment..
as you can most prolly guess it's based on alice in wonderland.. coz i really like that book
but someone in class said that it could be c.s. lewis's version of hell. maybe he likes chasing white rabbits in hell..


chasing the white rabbit
through a labyrinth of puzzles
the clock is ticking
i am falling
my head is spinning

the caterpillar sits idle
decadent creature
blowing smoke rings around my head

a multitude of pills
red, blue, green, yellow,
shrink, enlarge, transform

and all the while
the cheshire cat grins
he sits in the shadows and grins
mocking my every move
o' well it's just a tweedeldee
tweedeldum kind of life

nothing seems right
at 12 in the afternoon
when the mad hatter
signals the time for tea

the queen of aces
a pack of jacks
a garden of roses
a labyrinth of puzzles
and still i run
to catch that stupid white rabbit
before time runs out

pls tell me what you think so maybe i can improve before handing it in on thursday

anyway i am sick at the mo.. i have lost my voice. ok i lost my voice on friday night but still went drinking on sat..
in mr ng hE words "serves you right"
hahaha.. mean mr ng hE help him get his gf a present and this is what he said
so now i have the voice of a cat screaching as it's run down by a car while it's scratching it's nails on a blackboard.. sexy isn't it? haha yea it's that hoarse..
anyone know what i have to take to make myself better?? as you know i'm shit at taking care of my health.. usually i leave that to my mum to do

o0o0o i nearly forgot..
happy birthday sing!!
you the man and i have full respect for you after last saturday!

thanks to miss T for the pics..
i'll post more of the pics up later but atm my internet is lagging so can't be stuffed.. but you can view them all at her blog..
(i forgot to bring canon again)

heart * lyn


s e a n said...

perhaps cs lewis was describing his experience while smoking up some weed.

your poem sounds somewhat like that. tho i recall the last time i puffed the magic dragon i didnt chase white rabbits. i was chasing snickers bars.

kwang said...

It's a Cheshire cat lah... Just ask JJ or tpot, I'm sure they'd say the same :)

lyn said...

sean: i dun do magic dragon k!! maybe the snickers bars can look like a rabbit you know??

kwang: thanks changed it already!

s e a n said...

i didnt say you do the magic dragon. i was just mentioning it in passing. but cool poem. needs tightening up a bit. but then again, if you're alice in wonderland the last thing u need to worry bout is prose. so go crazy. you can expand a whole lot more. how bout using 'through the looking glass'? expand on that side of the story, since that is the original basis of alice in the wonderland anyway.