Friday, April 06, 2007

it's a friday night

and i've finished ALL my mid-semester assignments.. all 3 of them and handed them in and i think i'll get a good score for them

i've done all the laundry and cleaning for the house like a fringing domesticated housewife

the holidays have already started

and what is there left to do??
baroq house tonight is going to be a good event.. i'm so sure of it.. i'm hyper at the mo...

i hope to see you guys all there!

alkie + good friends for the night here i come

note: tina it's lent you know.. you can only drink wine.. i repeat you can only drink wine
so pls do bring your red food colouring so that everything will look like red wine for the night.. =p

haven't been this excited for a while now.. ^_^

*heart* lyn

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