Saturday, April 14, 2007

friday the 13th

i'm not that superstitious
but still i thought it was going to be a nice day out at vic mart
get some stuff to feed me since lifesaver yan is not here (she's in brisbane)
so food supplies were close to an all time low (a box of crunchy nut and milk)

but i met him at vic mart
it's a big shock to me
i haven't seen him for 9 months
we ignored each other
walk on.. life goes on

funny thing is i think i saw it coming
everyone else was seeing him places..
everyone else was having to tell me something about him..
the irony in fate..

that's just about it i suppose..
at least no black cats here..

=) lyn*


Thiam-Jin said...

Ummm...him being who?

lyn said...

haha i thought everyone would have that figured out..
my ex boufriend of 4 1/2 years..

Anonymous said...

i'm one of your fans and some said if a man is not destined for you, move on and find a better one. For him maybe the "it" is not there anymore :-)

lyn said...

aww. thank you very much!
i didn't know my site had fans!

miss vanity said...

ooo... a fan! U have a fan!

lyn said...

i know!!
and i'm still pretty shocked!

:: kryst :: said...

hehe!! i see your fan now! *winks!*