Wednesday, April 18, 2007

you just gotta love mums

this week is my love my mum week
why? coz i've been bad and haven't spoken to her for about 6 weeks now
(i've sms-ed her but that wasn't the same)
so this week i've called her up to ask:

1) how to steam fish
which produced one of the nicest meals i had in a while

2) rant about my problems
which she just quietly listened to

3) family gossip
my cousin is getting married!!

4) complain about uni
which she helps remind me about prioritising

see!! i don't call my mum only when i'm broke (contrary to popular belief)
and somehow just talking to her has made me happy

so this is my love my mum week
you shouldn't only shower your mum with love on mother's day!!

have you called your mum this week??

*heart* lyn

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