Monday, April 23, 2007

i thought that today was going to be a bLeH! kind of day
well i haven't been having too many good days lately. there seems to be a lot more bad ones than good ones.

i had an 11 am class, which i still think is still a bit early. and although class was most definitely BOH-RING! at least RenaK was there! and THANK GOD!
she reminded me that i have to hand in an assignment this friday that i totally forgot..
geezuz i make a bad uni student..
THANK GOD FOR THE EXISTANCE OF RenaK and the fact that she is in MY CLASS!!

anyway for tomorrow night's event i got screwed..
basket-ness this is the second you've done it you know!!
if you're going to continuously do this it's going to be hard being your friend you know..
but never mind.. i STILL HAVE FRIENDS!!
i still managed to sell tickets today.. WOOT!!
thanks to slut-monkeyIan and Jo.
they helped me sell a few..

also thanks to slut-monkeyIan for accompanying me for a late lunch and coffee-sess that made things so much better today..

and to top things off i get to talk to CrystalKryst without having to make an appointment with her.. lolz.. busy busy woman..

o also i have to say this my HousieYan she's like the great wei!! honest!
she freaking spent the whole day cooking loh-mai-kai yesterday!!
and it tasted really good!! how freaking awesome is my housemate??!!

*heart* lyn

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