Saturday, April 07, 2007


to those who missed it.. shame on you
see it turned out to be a GREAT night

i'll just let the pics do the talking.vanessa's new squeeze
chillibro george.. actually bothered with the mask

miss T and her main squeeze..

hmm.. sean looks drunk.. =)

partners in crime... the usual pose..
see he can't take nice photos.. i think i dun have one of him not acting weird in some way..

strong man sing
tessa babe
funny boi azlan
chilli-babe.. charmaine
not tessa's squeeze.. just his best man
o0o i like guys.. haha jkjk...
the drama drama look

hey look who i found: vincent!!

my summer to my mischa.. i think only miss T will get this...
melbourne sam ko fa reunited..
ok there.. i spent time loading all the pics for all of you to see..
*heart* lyn

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