Saturday, April 21, 2007


alright it's a k-night for dash staff
so why did there end up being more friends of dash staff rather than the actual staff??
not only that it was their friend's friends wo..
it ended up being half the room not knowing the other half.

and why were there so many bottles when i walked in?? 5 bottles by the end of the night for a karaoke. note this is not including the beer bottles.
important lesson learnt:
singing karaoke is just another excuse to drink
you don't actually sing. you drink a hell of a lot more

and i learnt a new dice game!! it's kinda like dice poker..
thanks to sean for teaching me that game
(most of you would come to realize that sean is not dash staff.. but at least he's a patron! the rest of the ppl there i swear i have never seen at any of our events!!)

why the hell were people trying to tickle me!
ok that wasn't the worse. why were they putting ice into my shirt!??
god damn it. my clothes ended up getting pretty wet.
(-.-''') cold-la fren!

o and i also learnt some karaoke manners
- always close the door
- don't steal people's songs. they get pretty heated up about this
- don't skip a song unless you know no one wants to sing it

don't follow these simple rules = getting bishing.

i forgot to bring canon. sorry!! no pictures till i get them off TessaBabe.

and i thought it was going to end up being a simple easy night. but with that much alcohol. no such FAT hopes

so right now i'm recovering before i go to work later. this time work doesn't equivalate to drinking. it's just putting up posters in chinatown. don't worry i'm not that bad an alcohol lover

so just in case people didn't know yet, the events next week are as follows:

tickets are still available for $16 and this includes a free drink.

*so please try to get them early and not like the last time everyone was calling me at the last minute for tickets! friends i am so sorry but i sold out the previous day. so where you want me to get them from? pluck from the sky?
and also there are no more tables. so please don't call for table bookings unless it's for the friday.


tickets are just starting to be available. the club has a zouk theme so malaysians/singaporeans should be pretty happy about having a club reminiscence of their homeland clubbing days
and as the theme of the night suggests, come dressed in BLACK/WHITE and receive a surprise!
there will be a lot more drink specials for this night!

*heart* lyn

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