Sunday, April 01, 2007

i feel so stupid...

ok beach's last night and i didn't take trusty canon there.. major fick~
i met so many people there that i haven't seen for such a LOONG time and no pictures!! urgh..
but thanks for coming all of you..

even pre-clubbing was good.. dinner with sean, miss t, vince and sook/kit at this place called little malaysia which served amazing malaysian food.. better than a certain place i used to work. so 20 mins wait to get a table was pretty worth it. and drinks @ double happiness which i haven't been to for some time, and as always the drinks are always good.
and although tina and vince didn't plan on going to beach she did anyway..
good powers of persuasion.. =)
and i'm thinking of sook and kit as one entity from now on.. i've never seen them apart.. so they're like one person instead of two.. haha

even saturday night when we celebrated sing's 21-st birthday turned out to be a good night. although we wanted to go to trader's there was an event there which led us to just walking aimlessly around the city before we decided to go to van gogh bar. although it is considered a gay bar it's the only place empty and no cover charge. so i created a new drink for sing

black sambuca
mixed with orange juice and lemon lime cordial
~ dun drink this shit unless you want to get high fast~

the bar tender said that this drink is in fact illegal although he did make it for me (that is why his name is not diclosed here) but hey.. sing was mean, he didn't drink the whole thing. that boy is turning into a man puked but still standing and just continued drinking.. hahaha..
fick~ i'm gonna be afraid when i hit 21 now

new challenge.. try not getting ppl drunk on their 21-st or they're just gonna have an excuse to fick you up on yours.. =/

also, next friday a new one off:


tickets are only $16 and selling fast.. call me for them ok!! and also table bookings

heart* lyn

daym, i need to study!!!
i really really need to study
need to finish up my assignments that are due before the holidays...
ficking~ assignments
but why can't i get my head into my work.. why can i only think about more partying days that are coming up ahead.. why when there is so much alcohol in my system atm and i've been waking up bleh from it for the past 3 days do i still want more alcohol in my system..
there is something seriously wrong with me..

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