Sunday, April 22, 2007


as most of you might (or might not) recall i have never walked out of BLVD sober. not for the past 3 or 4 times that i've been there have a walked out of the place sober.
soOoOoo.. last night was a first..
i walked out of BLVD SOBER!

YAY!! 3 CheerS of gratitude to my representative MissT!
she got drunk on my behalf. and i have to say this girl super- power lah! hangover this morning still went to church. i never thought that she was so holy until today.
and to top it all i didn't even know she was drunk till this morning.. konon someone was "acting" sober!

anyway BLVD also produced the weirdest photo sess in all the clubbing days.
could say everyone was already tipsy/drunk/gone
and my honest opinion the only one that seem drunk was SeanDaMan..
see guys.. you should pace yourselves thru 2 bottle instead of guzzle like trucks!

presenting the usual cast and crew:

partners in crime

the chicas..

i think these 2 look a bit stonned but they blame it on the flash.. OH-KAY! if you insist..

if you guys realize there are a lot of photos with StrongManSing, HimboChris and VinceES.
they took my camera to cam-whore
male cam-whores..


by the way as all you guys might have realized i've started giving ppl nicknames on my blog:

MissT = Christina wong
HimboChris = Chris wong (her bro)
StrongManSing = Sing Theng
VinceES = Vincent ( coz es is sorta like ice-cream you know ice kacang es.. so i didn't know what nick to give him!)
TessaBabe = Tessa
SooKit = the pair Sook Li & Kit Ling
SeanDaMan = Sean Liew
AlkyIckyIggy = Ignatius Yee
MRnH3 = Ng Hao Ern
CoffeeTWoo = Terrence Woo
BFFngJJ = Ng Juan Jin
CrystalKrsyt = Krystle Yap
DazedDarren = Darren
M.I.A.Leon = Leon
FreakyFaizal = Faizal

i know that there are other people i have not added to the list. and it's just due to the fact that i haven't thought off a nick for you. so please don't get all offended and chuck shit at me!!
and well, to those who do read my blog and don't like your nicks pls inform! so i don't offend you or anything of that sort.. =)


alright i just need to post this shit up coz it's just bugging me
i know there is some shit going around.
all i can say is that i'm sorry about it and well i just don't care anymore.
i've decided that if you're not a close friend of mine then i'm just not going to care

and to that certain someone.. i don't know if you're reading this but i'm sorry that you always have to protect me and stuff and i'm sorry that i've troubled you so much
that's all i can say for now. i know i've said it a million times.. but i'll still say it another million times coz you're still doing what you do..

i'm now pretty sure that the ones that i really care about (you know who you guys are) most of you are pictured up there anyway.. as long as they don't talk shit behind my back. i'm going to survive and not care about anything else..

*heart* lyn

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