Thursday, April 26, 2007


since the first time was so good, we just needed to do it again.. =p
HimboChris AlkyIckyIggy
Shelly + Jo ( the old crew that dissapeared for a while is coming back eh??)
AlkyIcky with SlutMonkeyIanok sharing some love.. lolz

PimpingRick Jo give my godson some hugs!!
prettyShelly* sorry boys.. she's taken
ermm.. SlutMonkey giving me a wanna fight look??
i think the 3 means that Alky just had 3 shots
Chris who's tongue longer?? i know jo's is cooler just coz she has 2 piercings..
what's so funny?? i can't remember...

see.. haven't seen him in a long time.. still as skinny as ever..

this one also came out of dunno where.. DanielHC
Yeffy.. thanks so much for helping sell tickets!!
the girls..

there jo hope you're happy now that all the pics are up!!

haven't seen all these ppl in a long time!! i think they just decided to resurface.. lolz..

was meant to go to long room to see MissT, SooKit, DazedDarren and SeanDaMan!
but somehow that one tak jadi.. dunno what happened to that plan

OH!! and i got to see someone pissed drunk of his rocker for the very first time!!
that was like an amazing sight to behold coz all the while i've never thought it was humanly possible.. lolz.. you know who you are!!
heart* lyn

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