Monday, July 30, 2007

on the larger scale, there might be things that we don't understand
then the heart and head go into mutiny
for all that it's worth we have all lost something we treasure most
i suppose that is just the way it goes
because if we don't lose something then it is impossible for us to move on
the world does not stand still it keeps moving
so we lose something so that we may get something new

this time it's different from the last
i wish i could tell all of you how i feel sometimes
there is no easy way
but the next time i look back i just don't want to say sorry anymore
i don't want to carry around anymore regrets
it's too huge a burden..

and even through all this dark and gloomy rainy days
i can still hide under the covers
it's still warm and safe
and i have all of you this time
then hopefully i won't say.. i'm alone..


ps: pictures from the weekend soon..

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