Friday, July 06, 2007


who's the lucky girl today?? ME!! ME!!!!

haha today Mims was being super nice.. she took me out to Cilantro @ MiCasa apartments today for lunch..
a 4 course meal today with wine for lunch!! can you imagine squid pasta, foie gras croquets with red wine sauce and lamb with truffles.. and to top it off chocolate eclairs and caramel ice cream for dessert??

drools* i was so freaking happy after the lunch.. (^__________^)
very full but so freaking contented!! words can't describe it...
haha even mims was looking like this (^____________^) after lunch
but it could be due to the alcohol effect as she was telling me she was feeling happy giddy...
i highly recomend that place now!! the food is soo good!!
haha sorry no pics coz i forgot to bring my camera..

to top it off we had to go to klcc to get some stuff done. walked into piaget to get something done then i saw a ring.. oo pretty!! mum said she'll consider getting it for me..
*pray pray hard* pray damn hard* wish upon a star!!*

i heart MrYap so much at the mo..

xoxo lyn

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