Sunday, July 15, 2007


the weekend has been short of nothing but great
catching up with everyone was just a blast...

friday night: dinner with kryst + yy + BFFngJJ
i hope that they enjoyed the dinner at coca..
i don't mind admitting that the dinner did put a little hole in the wallet..
i really didn't expect steamboat to be so expensive!! haha.. but it still was a nice dinner..

saturday night : BeefBabes + KwangkingBlob
hehe.. Bobas opened this new place called Hanna in Sri Hartamas

it has this really nice funky new age jap kinda layout.. and it's worth going when the place properly opens. which is tomorrow.. located on the parking lot near the main street as you turn into Hartamas.. the it's opposite the KK convenient store.. on the other side of the parking lot
haha see Bobas i'm advertising your place!!

so there we were having free flo drinks.. then Beef's frens were in Somo so off to Somo for 15 mins before they left then back again to Hanna for more drinks.. lols.. and while in Hanna, Will + BFFngJJ popped by and i have to say although they never met each other before (ie: Kwang never met Beef/Boba, JJ never met Beef, Will never met Beef/Kwang and well Beef didn't meet anyone before) they've heard so much about the other person and they all got along really well!! so it turned out to be a really really great night out for me!!
*smiles all around folks*

must must!! thank Boba.. THANK YOU BOBA!! lols..

*sorry no pretty pics coz the forgetful forgot to bring canon along.. *

xoxo lyn


beefong :) said...

i feel so unpopular...beef never met kwang, will and BOB...hmpf!

lyn said...

beef has really never met kwang will and bob!! hahaha