Sunday, July 08, 2007


hi there everyone! gingy here guestblogging on lyn's behalf.

that girl's off somewhere out and about and since yesterday was 7-7-7, supposedly the most auspicious day in a decade, the crazy girl thought that she'd cash in on that luck and elope with the first cute guy that she sees. but before she left she made me promise to fill in for her so that

1) kryst has something to read the monday morning she goes to work so that she doesn't get too bored

2) she wants me to keep reminding tina of how much she misses her and hope that she's having an awesome time in mel with her parents

3) and so that lor is slightly bemused by me

by the way 7-7-7 was quiet fun for me coz my cousins from japan decided to drop by for a visit.. see this is a group pic of them. from left to right the pocky brothers : green tea, mango, tiramisu and raspberry with fran and kit kat

i must say it's really exciting meeting them for the very first time and it's been hard so far trying to communicate since i don't speak jap but then things seem to be great so far, and they're really excited to meet the muffin man. and we'll be having tea with pinnochio and the pigs tomorrow. o and i must say they have fine taste for they were all ooh-ing and aah-ing at my gumdrop buttons.. they seem to be having a great time so far so everything seems great! well i must get back to them now so hope to hear from you all soon!!


love gingy

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