Friday, July 20, 2007


i'm leaving this monday so what could be a better thing to do than some bonding time with Mims..

so let's just go one more time..

Cilantro's special friday lunch with pictures this time

*forgot to take a pic of the first appetizer : lamb tataki

the second appetizer.. blue crab bisque
and yes with wine..
my main : duck with foie gras
Mim's fish
dessert : mango pudding with passionfruit sorbet

as extra i also had another dessert, my fav earl grey ice cream. but forgot to take a pic of that coz couldn't wait to dig into it. it's the best ice cream i've ever tasted and to my surprise it's actually cheaper than 2 scoops of haagen dazz.. *humph to haagen dazz for overpricing*

i maintain that cilantro is definitely one of the best places i've eaten so far. not only good food but also fantastic service. the waiters always seem to remember who you are! and as usual the lunch hour was packed!

next to the opening of the new LV in KLCC..

just to look~see~ the displays they have..

there were so many people there! even some local celebrities.. and everyone was trotting LV's everywhere!!

i can so imagine BFFngJJ saying : see all the MakDatins!! showing off their LVs!!

but the look~see turned out to be something more.. i got a present!!

my very first speedy.. (^___________^)


i heart you so much!!

mim's theory : i'm so lucky today coz the date is 20072007..

hmm.. maybe the stars really are just in my favour

xoxo lyn

ps: i watched Harry Potter the other day with BFFiNgJJ and Willy Wonka in 1U's Gold Class and i have to say that i was rather dissapointed with it.. i hope that the book that's coming out tomorrow will be much better..

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evelyn said...

YAY u get the damier azure speedy its pretty!!
:) i din knoe ur back in kl babe!