Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Disney couture~

item no1: bambi & mushroom necklace

looks damn nice till i saw this..

item no2: tinkerbell earings

so which one should i get?? dilemma...

anyway i finally got a book i've been wanting for sometime ~ haruki murakami : a wild sheep chase.. i wonder if i'll like it as much as i like dance, dance, dance
o and i put in a pre-order for harry potter i hope i am able to finish it coz i can only get it on the 21st but i'm leaving on the 23rd!

o and MissT just for you.. pics of the new do.. not very different from the old one just that i have a fringe now!

and i nearly forgot to thank BFFngJJ for this:

butterfly dior necklace that the sweetie gave me as a belated birthday present..

muaks so much for it babes!!

xoxo lyn

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