Monday, July 09, 2007


despite gingy's accusations i didn't elope on 7-7-7
sorry no cuties in kl.. sigh* sad ain't it?
instead i went to laundry on that night with my BestieLor & BeeBabes

not many pics but sweet senorita cocktails thru the night

and on sunday with BFFngJJ to help him get a cake and present for his mum's birthday..
i suggested a manipedi spa treatment to which he happily agreed.. so no need much thinking, pondering and searching.. only prob the silly boy forgot to put money in his wallet.. haha..
luckily i could help.. sometimes i wonder what he would do without me...

and i think my family thinks i'm a bit on the alcoholic side now.. Mims opened a bottle of brown brother's reisling last night and i polished about half the bottle..
in my defense i just like my alcohol doesn't = to being alcoholic!

o and Kryst i picked up a 1/2 dozen donuts from Big Apple and i have to agree that they're pretty good!! haha.. i'm gonna get fat soon.. see people you say the piggy looks like a fake pig-dog.. he's going to be looking like lil' tina pretty soon!!

xoxo lyn

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