Friday, July 27, 2007


ok since everyone is saying that i have't updated here is one..

truth is it's because i have nothing much to update about. got back to melbourne and fell really sick.. still down with a fever and flu.. *grr..ROAR* and tonight it's winter wonderland @ se7en..
well you all know that i'm still going anyway. i have a table! haha the excuses i give myself because i've been wanting to go for god knows how long now..
pray that i feel better tonight..

so on the plane i would like to say i found my dream guy while watching seducing mr perfect..

as far as dream guys do exist.. i have to say, daniel henney is HAWT!

so here are some pics for the girsl to drool over..

don't you just agree?? haha

wish i had a boyfriend that hot to look at everyday.. hehe..

ok hope you guys have been entertained by that stupid update.. blame it on the panadol if you must..

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