Tuesday, July 10, 2007


why won't you just die in peace and let me eat you!
why even in death you still want you still want to fight with me??
god damn it! just give up!
you're already dead i'm higher than you in the food chain!
makes the world of sense that you just let me eat you without so much hassle!


haha.. crabs.. whenever i eat them i feel like i'm fighting with my food
but they taste soo good!! especially this restaurant in Sri Aman called Wong Po..

*drool* over their butter cheese crabs.. Mims says i'm such a pig.. i finished one whole crab by myself!!
she doesn't understand my love for their butter cheese crabs they make me

i forgot i also like to add:
the movie transformers rocks my socks off!!
i want to watch it again and again.. i think i should just buy the dvd then..
i heart bumblebee!!

xoxo lyn

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