Monday, July 02, 2007

PICTURES! finally..

BestieJes's visit to melbourne & KL..

in P1
in my room..
luna bar

lemme introduce the DrebarAndrea.. lols

ok seriously don't ask me why i was in P1 and Cherry 2 nights before my exam. i know it was a bad thing to do but i went home at 3 and at least studied till 5am! thanks glen for the frees!! you the best!

haha.. crazy things i do, but i suppose we're only young once.. see lo po i lub you so much can sacrifice for you wei!!

sadly tho these days i feel old. O GOD i'm not even 21 yet and those words are already coming outta my mouth! someone slap me senseless... (o wait.. SuperMarioCK is just wanting to do that already..)

anyway just a few random updates:

current fetish : blood red & midnight black nails

current obsession : kinky black lingerie

current tunes : timbaland - the way i are / damien rice - 9 crimes / augustana - boston
(can't decide which one i like more)

current love : new red heels and old black stilletoes

current look : sporting new hair do

ok ta for now peeps!

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