Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i'm writing this post partially because of a certain friend, partially because of a message that i got from a relatively unknown girl and for all the girls out there i suppose.

to me everyone is in control of what they do and what they say. true, sometimes i do say things that well i don't mean so i hope people don't take it the wrong way. and sometimes i do things that i shouldn't especially when i am drunk so hopefully no one holds me accountable to my drunken debauchery. but other than that, most of the time you are in control of yourself. you are responsible for your own actions.

so what do you do when you give that control to someone else?

that is what my girl-friend did. she gave that control to someone else. all because of love. true, love is blind that you know that there is a hole in front of you but every gut feeling is telling you to let go to just jump. let go of all your inhibitions. but then what happens when things go wrong? what if there is nothing to catch you at that bottom of that hole? who is going to piece back all your broken pieces?

yes it is hard. falling in love is not at all a bed of roses sometimes coz we forget that roses have thorns. so what i'm saying is that please, even if you're in love, keep part of that control. control over yourself. over your actions. over your heart. over the amount of trust that you have for someone so that it won't go overboard. it's this control that will keep you from falling to pieces at the end of the day. true friends will always be there to help piece you back together to make things seem better, but there is a limit to what they can do really. it is up to you gather yourself together and want to piece your life together.

don't say that i don't know how it feel like to be in love. don't say i haven't met the person that makes me want to throw caution to the wind. because i have. i have met a person that makes me want to just take that leap even though the pit seems bottomless. and all i can do is pray that he is at the bottom to catch me. but past mistakes, past relationships that have formed me into what i am now have made me think twice about things. make me more cautious, more careful coz i know what the pain is like. and the memory of the pain is more than enough to refrain me from giving up the control i have over myself. so for now if he really has feelings for me i hope he can be patient.

so i hope that you guys just keep this piece of advice at heart. and well think before you leap.

heart* lyn

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