Sunday, May 13, 2007


i hope you like your presents and that it provides you endless fun and entertainment..


but since you couldn't make it to your birthday dinner.. i'd like to share some pics with you..

this is sean taking the train for the first time..

hey.. if you're going to give up your car at least give me the keys instead of discarding them!

ICE BARbefore going in..

see such a relaxing sub-zero place

everyone seems to be loving the big gun..

sean's found a new religion
that pei fei doesn't really seem to agree with...

the drinks in their frozen cups..

our cold drinks..

group pics!

ride the lion.. one ride = $2

let's kiss the fishy!!

lucky guy ain't he?

the girls and the boys..

$30 per entry for 30 minutes + 1 free drink

quiet worth it for the experience.. though it is my 2nd time there..

problem is after all the cam-whoring and when the drink is finished there isn't much to do..
and since you can't switch on the flash on your camera the pictures look a bit fuzzy..
can't help it tho.. my hands were shivering slightly coz to take pics i didn't put gloves on..
o and if you squint close enough i'm on their phamplet.. well one of the people in there is me =)

and to anthea: maybe you'll attend the 2nd round we celebrate your birthday..

hopefully you'll make it to that one..


another good thing about the weekend

sass and bide sale

how not to buy?
jeans = $50

top =$30

happy happy me!

i wanted 1 pair of sass and bide.. i ended up with 2!!

problem is i have too many pairs of jeans.. i need a new hobby other than collecting jeans..

can't help it.. it's addictive..
i'm just loving this weekend but it's ending soon..


and not forgetting..


i love you!!
i hope you have a great day ahead of you!

heart* lyn
the reason why i haven't been updating much is coz my computer has been konking out on me the past few days. hopefully it's fixed now.. why is all my gadgets konking out on me!! even my phone is doing something funny.. *sigh*

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