Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ChilliCharm's Birthday Present ~

unique because it was desgined & made by yours truly..

i hope she likes it!!

other than that.. Pirates of the Carribean 3

a 3 hour movie. damn long. leg cramp. an ok watch, as in not too bad but i still prefer the first one. wonder how many times i'm going to watch this one since i got dragged into watching the 2nd one 4 times!!
and in one week i've already watched it twice.
but still it is worth a watch coz i love johnny depp in his part as captain jack sparrow.. who doesnt??
according to friends there is a 4th one coming out? i suppose they're trying to milk the money making cow dry then..

heart* lyn


Anonymous said...

u made tat earrings urself? how did u do it?


lyn said...

hey lors didn't see your comment earlier..

it's really easy you can but all the stuff at the shop and use pliers to just piece them together..