Sunday, May 06, 2007


for the past 3 days, 3 people turned 21..
how convenient that it started on friday and ended on sunday.
see miracle!! fate created a drinking spree for me this weekend

firstly FreakyFaizal's birthday on friday @ HEIST

(yup as some of you might know that's the place that i used to promote for while working for envy.. ah.. the good old days..)

you funny-monkey.. although you're older and supposedly more mature i hope you don't ever change your funny ways

sorry i couldn't stay longer at your party. KinkyCharles bought tickets to Spidey3 so i had to watch it with him as he was leaving Melbourne the next day (being saturday yesterday..)

next up:

Sook. 1/2 of the SooKit combo..

considering how close they are, it's surprising enough they're not twins and celebrate their birthdays on the same day..

Happy birthday babes! and sorry i couldn't make it to your party! i hope you had a good time anyway!

and last but not least, AlkyIckyIggy

sadly you weren't drunk yesterday. but you seemed to have a good time being high the whole night..

big hugs to everyone who turned 21!

now i'm going for a detox. can anyone say cranberry juice?


neyo - because of you

I got a problem and I don't know what to do about it

even If I did I don't know

If I would quit but I doubt it

I’m taking by the thought of it

And I know this much is true

i miss your strawberry kisses..

Heart* Lyn

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