Monday, May 21, 2007


my BestieJes is an artist..

coz she managed to talk a guy into letting her do this to him:

doesn't he look so much more pretty now?

haha couldn't stop laughing when i saw this picture.. haha


few little known facts about me..

1. i can count the people really close to me on one hand. they know who they are and weirdly my bf/ex-es aren't one of them. i have a hard time letting others in.

2. i love andy warhol's art. yes i love the abstract none practical aspects to life.

3. i collect denim. i freakishly have 21 pairs of jeans. i have idea no why but i haven't worn at least 5 pairs.

4. i love dita von tesse because she makes taking off your clothes seem sexy and classy at the same time instead of slutty.

5. i have only one real fear in life. and it's not heights, snakes, spiders or bugs. you have to find this one out yourself.

6. i design jewellery when i am bored. but i haven't made anything in a long time, till only lately.

7. and yes i do talk to myself

heart* lyn

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