Wednesday, May 16, 2007


in pink some more!!

super-duper happy!! thank you so much kimBear!!
so sweet that you got me such a nice pressie..

only one small problem... EXAMS ARE COMING!! =(
so cannot play as much as i like..
that's why in the first picture the box is sitting on a pile of books..

but damn fail la.. this thing is like calling out to me to play with it..
it's so damn good to procrastinate on.. i need to hide it somewhere to avoid temptation..


other than that..


other than study lately.. all i do is cook or clean..
well actually more cooking than cleaning really..

i've came up with a few recipes that taste pretty good so far..

- beef and mushroom rissotto
- lamb cutlets in red wine with brocollini and mash
- roast chicken wrapped in bacon with silvered potatoes on blue cheese sauce and italian salad with vinegrette dressing


not to boast or anything but they've all been not bad actually although they were all experimental since i made them all up..
too bad though there are no pics coz me and my housemates were too hungry

anyway, back to studying no more procrastinating..

*heart* lyn

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