Saturday, June 02, 2007

oops! i nearly forgot!!!

but i still love you a lot!! what i love about you?? hmm..

1) well the fact that you like sleeping in fron of the sofa while watching tv.. ending with the tv watching you instead

2) the fact that we can drink beer/ wine together.. if it wasn't for you my tolerance today will be damn low.. haha thank you!!

3) the fact that these days i can drink more than you coz you always say that you're sleepy after knocking back a few.. haha

4) that you will layan my food cravings and go anywhere to buy it for me.. like when i have my roti chanai and char kuay teow cravings..

5) the fact is that you also love me a lot!

yes la yes la i know this post is 3 days late. i damn suck.. i know
and i bet that you have this face now (-.-''')
sorry you have such a shitty daughter!! forgive me??!!


i heart you loads!!!!

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