Monday, March 31, 2008

stupid non-existant daylight savings

i thought day-light savings started yesterday. hence i've been late one hour for just about.. everything. great. just great. because of that i'm left with some spare time because class finished early.. or rather i went only for the last 30 minutes of it.

i was just reminiscing over hmm.. the last time i saw fakeAngMo, our conversation was this:

FAM : you know i've been drinking a LOT this past week coz i'm leaving.
me: no surprise. you're a Melbourne icon. even when i want to have a goodbye coffee with you i have to book days in advance. you're just too famous!
FAM : but you want to know the funny thing? after drinking week after week, if say i stop drinking for a couple of days, i actually you know feel thirsty.
me: yea! i know the feeling! it's like you're missing alcohol right?
FAM: yea right!

both keeps quiet* coz we just realized how much of an alcoholic we both sound at the moment.
FAM, if you're reading this now, and you decided to join AA i'll go with you for support. Support only k! coz i'm telling myself i still don't have a problem.


i'm going to share my recipe for spaghetti carbonara
coz it's super easy and takes less than 30 mins for a decent meal

1 pack pasta
1 can creamy soup ( i use campbells cream of mushroom)
cooking cream
1/2 onion and 2 cloves garlic

chop onion, garlic , mushroom and bacon
boil pasta ( best pasta boiling time = 12 minutes in boiling hot water. don't forget to stir)
fry onion and garlic in oil
add mushies and bacon bits cook it a lil
add the soup ( don't add water )
and a little cream to thicken it ( i find 1 can soup to one can cream is good enough)
add some cheese to thicken the sauce more
add the cooked pasta in and stir with sauce

finished. and you don't even have to add salt.

if becky's mum found out how much i cheated i'll get slaughtered
she's a true blue italiano. even makes her own pasta no packet stuff for her. so can you imagine how she'll faint when i tell her this recipe? i most likely would be confined in their home learning how to make home made gelati. not that i'll be complaining much tho with all the food they would stuff in my belly =)


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