Thursday, March 20, 2008

the long weekend

honestly, i hate being single. i have no idea why people keep asking me how much fun i'm having being single, partying it up with my fancy shoes. i've already given up the crazy lifestyle, hung up my party shoes and between work and study, not much time is left. so yes i'd rather at least have a boy which i can go home and cuddle up to and watch movies with.

but hey since it's the long weekend and that's always a good excuse to crawl out of my shell and liven up my boring life, this seems to be the current timetable

tonight : xx's birthday part (it's a surprise..)
friday: Lavish with the ol' school Chilli gang
sunday: according to BubbliciousEvelyn, i'm supposedly making an appearance at CQ bar.. something i didn't know about till today

this long weekend has recovery spelt all over it. so if i don't pick up your call, best bet is that i've K.O-ed

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