Monday, March 31, 2008

monday morning blues..

Kwang was too bored. i have nothing to do at work. that has resulted in this:
(continue reading only if you have nothing better to do. don't say i didn't warn you)

Real name:
Sui Lyn Yap

Nickname: Yap, Yappy, Yapster, Sui, Lyn, Lynnie, Lindts

Married: No

Male/Female: lemme check.. hmm boobs no extra wiggly.. female

High school: Mgs Klang, PLC Melbourne

College: PLC

Short or long hair: Long

Are u a health freak: as long as i don't look like a malnourished african kid. no

Height: 160cm / 5' 3

Do u have a crush on someone?: now?? no..

Do u like yourself: yea. i look at myself in the mirror every morning and go.. "who's the pretty girl. i'm soo in love with you, i wanna marry you.."

Piercings: 3

Righty or lefty: Right


Surgery: 2 wisdom teeth. 3 years back. hurt like a fucking bitch

Piercing: 6 years ago. ears

Person u see in the morning: kim. coz he's my housemate

Award: for the one that would grow up but never grow out of her awkward teenage years

Sport u join: shopping. shopping in 3 inch high heels for 2 hours should be considered an olympic sport. don't judge it till you actually try it.

Pet: 3 rabbits - K.O, 1 dog - K.O., turtle - K.O. i don't have a very good track record as you can see..

Vacation: not been on one for a while. i don't consider that 2 week break a month ago back to KL a vacation

Concert: don't remember attending one..

First crush: ??


Eating: blueberry bagel

Drinking: latte from squisito

I'm about to: work till 11.30 then uni

Your future...

Want kids: that don't cry don't demand and don't make too much noise.

Want to get married: don't intend to at the moment unless i cave into family pressure or fall madly deeply in love with the right one.

Careers in mind: journalist, editor of some magazine, designer / making jewelry

Which is better? something that allows me to achieve all 3

Lips or eyes?: both are equally important

Hugs or kisses: xoxo

Shorter or taller?: taller

Romantic or spontaneous: a combination of both. i'm very greedy aren't i..

Sensitive or loud: loud.

Troublemaker or hesitant?: trouble is my middle name.

Have u ever....

Kissed a stranger?:
yes? no? maybe? i can't remember... must have been a drunken night

Drank bubbles: yes.. i really wanna try kristal.. costs $400 Aud. =(

lost glasses/contacts: i've broken several pairs of glasses tho..

Ran away from home: yea. for like half a day.

liked someone younger: no

liked someone older: so far my track record says i've only ever dated older guys

Broke someone's heart: yeah.. sorry! it was by accident/intentional *(cross out whichever is applicable to your situation) truthfully i think my heart got broken more tho.. karma. what goes around comes back to kick you in the arse

Been arrested: no. i'm a juvenile waiting to be thrown in and locked up for the betterment of the public

Cried when someone died: yea. balled them out like a stupid.

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: yes. no. sometimes. it falters

Miracles: if it happens to me right now. i would. wait* nothing happened.. no..

Heaven: i believe that it is an interesting idea...

Santa Claus: yea. along with the tooth fairy, rudolph the red nose reindeer and.. (continued below)

Magic: yes and fairies, gnomes, witches, wizards...

Angels: if they really looked down at you all the time.. that's kinda creepy stalker-ish right? i mean you'd be in the toilet peeing and an angel is looking at you. in real life you call those people perverts...

Answer truthfully..

Is there someone u want to be with right now?: not in particular. but i'd like to have someone to want to be with.

Do u believe in God?: kuan nim po pi me... woot* she rocks my world the way red hot chilli peppers / artic monkeys does in the morning..

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