Friday, March 07, 2008

Singledom = Pathetic??

ok since being single everyone has came up with this crazy notion to sell me.
first it was MrLittlePimp, and now it's MachaiRueb & HamsterBoyAz

they think they can somehow auction me off and some crazy folk would actually be interested in buying me. i think it's the most far-fetched, money + time wasting idea i've ever heard in my entire life. no one in their right mind would want to buy an geeky, cynical, extremely-socially awkward girl. if you guys are set to lose money go ahead, but you're never gonna profit from this stupid scheme.


work has been terribly boring and slow these past few days. DocBoss and i went to ezard *click* the other night for dinner. now he too has got it stuck in his head to match-make me. but not until he's gotten sick of my company.

mum is also currently suffering from the omg-what-if-i-don't-have-a-son-in-law syndrome. i find the situation where i'm stuck in getting extremely ridiculous and annoying. is it really that bad to be single at 21, trying to work out what i want in life with no potential in sight? yea i suppose in my case it might be because i tend to repel instead of attract.

it's a choice i've made and i plan to stick to it. cynical i may have become in the ways of love, but everyone has to understand, i just haven't met the right guy yet..
sigh* just coz my mum is so god damn worried.. i'm reluctantly agreeing to terrible idea of being match-made, recommendations are welcome... well sorta..

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