Thursday, March 27, 2008

happy drugs anyone?

so over the weekend, this is what happened:

yes i did crawl out of my shell for bern's so-called surprise birthday at crown towers. (i'm too lazy to post up pics of it here. go to facebook) ended up watching dragonball in the toilet tv when i was high. cable tv in hotels are awesome. don't you just adore the fact that it feeds you addictive stupidity by the minute. as the intoxicated idiot i was, i loved every minute of the old skool reminiscing and catching up with my childhood which lasted 10 minutes before i got dragged out to drink some more.

i didn't make it to lavish due to a miscommunication with HamsterBoy but i did go to CQ. which i thought was awesome. i've gotten slightly senile over the past few months as i've forgotten a few names. sorry gavin!
but the drunken debauchery was awesome since it gives me a chance to see people that i haven't seen for ages.
new favourite drink : chamboard lemonade

then on monday dinner with dorkwillie and TeapotsNH3. Tuesday with BigBearChang, Mike, Aki, Makmur.

see i'm making an effort to piece my life back together.. slowly, but i still think that someone should go into the business of packaging a legal happy drug. anyone who works in a pharmaceutical company reading this, i would so totally buy a lifetimes' supply of your happy drug packed with endorphines. that's how bad i need it at the moment. coz i can't keep crying about feeling sorry about nothing.


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