Sunday, March 25, 2007

who wants to go fishing?

usually when you hear about break-ups what is the most common thing that you say...

~don't worry there's still plenty of fish in the sea..~

but it's not like you'll like the taste of every single type of fish out there.
tuna can never taste like salmon. don't try fooling yourself into thinking that it does.

and like fishing, i think you have to be lucky. very lucky. fishing can take for hours sometimes and you don't catch anything. then that sucks doesn't it?
and if you catch a fish you don't like throw it back in the sea. that's what i think.

someone has to come up with a better line...

btw. if you read tina's blog you'll know her bro n pfei have tried to embarass her by printing out pages from her blog and reading them out loud. they did the same to me but for some reason i think it's quiet flattering.. someone actually reads my blog. haha.. sigh* they're saying that i have a thick face...

heart* lyn

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